Stamped shingle project: A traditional example in Washington DC

This Washington DC project illustrates the principal elements in restoring an embossed tin shingle roof.

These roofs are usually 90 to 130 years old. The new owners of this home wanted to know if they should keep the roof or replace.

The passing of time may cause some separation, but rarely cause leaks. Even when protrusions have been removed, the roof surface can be be repaired. The owners decided on a light grey, a traditional color for this type of roofing.

Roof edges are the best indicators of the condition of the roof. This roof is in extremely good shape, not even requiring a replacement lip addition

A common characteristic of older roofs are the overhangs at the bottom of a peaked roof line. This particular design suggests a higher status compared to most roofing work.

Dormers are quite common with either standing seams or soldered surfaces.

Unfortunately for the appearance of homes, the introduction of cables and wires detract from the home’s clean look. Some historical districts require underground connections. In this case, furry squatters had to be evicted.

Work completed