Porch problems: Repair of damaged, leaking porch roof

To repair metal shingles, the porch is usually the most challenging. The shingles themselves tend to be more fragile compared to other roofing systems. And the porch area tends to be the most trampled at an embossed tin roof home. Understandably, painters have placed ladders on the shingles. Or children have played on them.

Whatever the reason, damaged porch tin shingles is a common occurrence.

Deciding on a plan for the porch involves several considerations. For example, just below the owner faced a real dilemma. The enclosed porch roof area leaked into her living room. The local historical society flatly rejected any plan to replace the roof unless the same metal shingles were used. Her budget could not afford to replace with new shingles at this point.

In this situation, the owner had to balance her priorities between satisfactory appearance, performance and budget. Her strategy was to opt for 1) stopping the leakage into her living room and 2) avoiding a conflict with the local historical society. To accomplish this decision, we applied the fully reinforced system with restoration green acrylic. This system consists of four layers of acrylic with mesh between two of the acrylic layers.

To apply a fully reinforced system to embossed tin shingles, this project is the least attractive job we have ever performed. But for this situation at that particular time, the approach made sense. From the driveway, the porch roof surface looks presentable. Since the back door is the main entrance, the appearance issue seemed resolved for the roof surface. Incidently, the leakage situation was solved.

The last three photos illustrate the finished roof.