After the prohibition of lead paint …….

For decades lead paint saved metal from rusting away.  After 1978, the options for coating a metal roof were limited to aluminum paints.

In the 1990s This Old House introduced the concept of applying water-based acrylics as a method to preserve old metal roofing.  At the time, this new coating allowed a reasonably priced, effective alternative to aluminum.

Owners of crimped standing seaming metal panels enjoyed an improvement of the aluminum paints.  There was a choice between simple preservation or a long-term, leak warrantied fully reinforced approach.

At some point, embossed tin shingle owners started contacting me about ideas for saving their roofs. My crew chief and I expanded our expertise into this new “old” field.

With our work, Lester Mobley’s artistic talent discovered an outlet for his abilities. And this owner happily combined roofing work with her interest in history.

Since 2000, vintage metal restoration work has become our signature in six states.

Here are some of the Services we offer:

  • Save old metal roofing with the latest finishes
  • Paint tin roofs in any color
  • Repair leaks and stop rust
  • Restore damaged tin roofs with fully reinforced system
  • Repair inside gutters
  • 10 to 15 year warranties available