Brick home with red shingle roof

As I walked up the driveway some years ago, Jim stared at me, asking, “What are you doing here?”

The previous year the crew completed a project of saving his rusty roof, crowned with WF Norman accessories. The owners selected the traditional red acrylic for the roof.

They decided to delay any work on the black porch panel roofing.

Soon both owners and I were exchanging news. As I was preparing to leave, one of them commented, “I like the red color.” The other added, “I thought the color should have been darker.”

A good time to leave, I thought, since the “right color” is in the eye of the owner(s).

A few years later, the couple moved on, with new owners possessing different ideas. The last two photos illustrate the foundation work of the porch roof, awaiting a black Wearcoat finish.

The artistic wife has decided to change the red acrylic to another color when the acrylic is worn.