About Us

A tin roof restoration company–that’s us.

If you own an old tin shingle roof, you are the individual we want to hear from.

Miriam Cunningham:  She visits sites in six states to present choices for saving the old tin shingle roofs. For over 30 years, she has worked with applications and materials related to vintage tin roofing.

Lester Mobley:  He is field manager with experienced crew.  With decades of experience, he brings a unique resume for saving old metal roofing.  As of 2021, his son Maurice is poised to continue his father footsteps.

Embossed tin shingle niche in restoration field

Old tin shingles represent a gem worth saving:  few leaks, sturdy and distinctive.  Modern materials developed in the last 20 years offer methods for saving them.  Old metal roof owners may wish to learn more about saving old roofs.

Beyond information about our contracting services, individuals may view photos, technical tidbits and history.  The same contractor that specializes in the restoration of 100 year old tin roofs wrote the articles.

For more information about our company’s background, please visit our Roof Menders webpage for details.

Written by owner Miriam Cunningham