Antique tin shingle designs

Over the years, I have snapped photos of the designs of embossed tin shingles found from New York to South Carolina.

The styles seem to fall into three broad categories: Two designs established themselves as the signature styles for this era of roofing. Copies of these two designs are available in a modern version.

The next group are local designs seen only in regional areas. For example, there is a distinctive style located in Asheville and southwest Virginia area. Only recently have I seen this shingle in Maryland, near a train route.

Finally, thus far, I have seen an 1870s design on only two structures: at one place, the new owners had no idea of the importance of their roof! The styles of design in the 1870s into the 1880s tended to be more ornate.

Shingles came in three sizes: small, medium and large. Below is a large size. At least in olden days there were three sizes. Today only one size is available, and it is slightly different in dimension from the old shingle measurements.