Embossed Tin Shingle FAQs

Sometimes called Decorated Shingles, Stamped Shingles, or simply “Old Metal Shingles”, this rare roofing system deserves respect by its owner.

These roofs are 100 plus years old, rarely leak and are maintainable for another 100 years, if cared for.

On visits to homes with embossed tin shingle, owners often raise questions about the topics listed below. Questions usually center on any damage, new shingle replacements, colors and, of course, costs for preserving.

Their interest in these vintage embossed tin shingles is a pleasure to work with

Sometimes the topics are serious, such as the role of condensation in a metal roofed structure. Or unexpected, such as an owner who restored her kitchen to a 1920s setup.
Or truly eye-catching, such as an early indoor bathroom.

There are two methods for me to note the trivia of this tiny roofing niche called embossed tin shingle restoration:
First, this website when I have time, photos and inclination;
Second, my tin roofing blog for a quick anecdote.

Each webpage attempts to illustrate what other metal shingle owners have contributed to our rewarding experiences of working with embossed tin shingles.