Other Regions

The old metal roof projects on this page are located outside our usual work area. Each is a special story.

The first Williamsburg blue project took place in West Virginia–my first and probably last project in this picturesque state: first, state requirements for working there can only be called ridiculous. And second, the owners of this project were frat alumni, a unique, maddening group of customers.

Second old metal roof photo illustrates a project that addresses two situations: first, what to do when hot asphalt is poured over a roof. Plus, what to do when the owner loses her job the day after the crew starts working.

The black roof in Jonesborough, TN, is an icon of a state insurance company. Descendents of the original family have restored the well-known landmark to its original beauty. Plus, the stories one hears of bygone days, such as a smell disclosing hidden eggs, forgotten after a busy Saturday afternoon playing in the fields–and what papa did to remind the boys to remember!