Silver shingles replace rusty covered surface

The owner had purchased the shingles “as is”, which at the time did not exhibit rust. The rust on these shingles are not from age, but from an inexpensive finish applied at the manufacturing center.

As all projects, cleaning is of paramount importance. The pressure washing of the roof usually includes a cleaning of the gutters.

The work occurred on a hot July week. One of the photos below show Lester and his son Adiah taking a break. They both know that in hot weather, taking a rest every 20 to 30 minutes is mandatory.

The neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Llama and family, attempted to survive the heat that their previous home in the Andes never experienced.

The primer we use is “strong stuff”, just right for a chocolate brown rust situation. On most projects where we use this primer, the quality is more than is needed. In this case, the primer successfully contained the rust.

Immediately following the view of the residence with the primer is a photo of the finished roof. By the time the primer is applied, owners usually can visualize how the work will appear.

To protect the primer, we topcoated twice with urethane and clearcoat. Sounds easy to do, but there are a few tricks that only experience can teach that will result in a silver shingles like this one.