Red shingles embossed, owner made a statement on her road

About ten years ago, new owners inherited an embossed tin shingle roof in good condition. By good condition, the owners had a gutter system that avoided damaging the shingles. Plus the shingles still laid evenly across the roof. Rust was minimal. The roof lines appeared straight. Only one small modern addition marred the nearly perfect state of the shingles: a cable slightly bent a few shingles along an edge.

The only sign of passing time was the dull finish of the shingles. To refresh the finish, the owners decided to stay with a restoration green tint. The darker tint added to the definition of the home’s country style.

The first two photos show the house ten years ago. The next two photos capture the improved appearance with Restoration Green acrylic applied over primer.

Recently, when time approached for a refresher coat, I expected the customer to ask for green again.  Her husband was no longer around.  Her exact words, and I quote, “I want to make a statement on my road” about my new life.

Per the customer’s request, she received three demo cards of three possible red tints she noted at a visit to a paint store. Since tints on paper may differ from the tints in the formula used on a roof, demo cards are prepared.

She selected the brightest of the three choices: The tint Jones Red became the choice of the “new” woman.

The customer’s choice raised my eyebrow a bit. Yet when I visited to snap the final shots for 2013, her idea proved her correct in her choice. Her surrounding area with large trees framed her house. The white siding provided a basic grounding of the more flamboyant red–a red that seemed to peak over the roof edge

She is making a statement in her neighborhood!