How much? Which coating? Who to hire?

How much

For 1500 sq ft roofing area, using primer and coating over a cleaned surface, plan on $6.00/sq ft. Repair along the roof edge is additional cost. Common repairs, like flashing around a chimney are included in the base price.

For a 1500 sq ft roofing area, using primer, mesh and four coats of material (the fully reinforced technique), plan on $9.50/sq ft. A ten year warranty against leakage is included.

Usually restoring an embossed tin shingle roof is about the same as inexpensive asphalt shingles, and approximately one-third the price of replacement with high quality shingles.

Which coating is best?

Without question, the best coating for embossed tin shingles was lead paint. This outlawed paint lasted around 20 years, held its color well and provided some weatherproofing capabilities. Banned since 1978, lead paint probably saved many of our metal and wood historical structures due to its advantages. This coating is taboo in today’s world.

Aluminum coatings gained popularity after lead paints were banned. Most applicators are dismissive of aluminum paint, especially the formulas possessing asphalt.

Acrylic, or water-based coatings, are the most popular today. Two coats can last approximately ten years, can be tinted in many colors and is available at reasonable prices. Primer is extremely important. For us, we usually apply high quality acrylics to damaged tin shingle roofs.

Whenever possible, we apply a solvent-style urethane that offers a strong, glossy finish that highlights the embossed tin shingle’s design. The product is tricky to apply; so do-it-yourselfers are advised there is a learning curve in using this product.

Finding a contractor

In the mid-Atlantic area, please feel free to contact us!!

Check with your nearby historical society for names. Probably a tin shingle contractor will be missing from any list. Ask for names of gutter installers window people, skylight reps and chimney masons; they might be aware of someone.

If you see a well preserved stamped tin shingle roof, just leave you business card with a note: “Will you kindly share a name?”

References, particularly from the manufacturer of the product he/she will be using, are recommended. The relationship between contractor and manufacturer is close.