Carolina tin shingle roofing projects

Carolina tin shingle roofing can be found throughout the state.  For several decades we have preserved these tin shingle roofs.  Below are recent projects–each Carolina tin shingle roof offering challenges and opportunities.

The destinctive capping of old has been replaced by a custom designed style in Graham, NC Graham, NC, traditional red restoration project

In Winston-Salem, a chocolate brown rusty roof is treated with a strong primerWinston-Salem’s chocolate-brown, rusty 100-year-old roof in progress

Historical marker located in front of Waxhaw's hotel near the train stationNine chimneys on this Waxhaw traditional hotel by railroad depot

Todd, NC, residents restored this chapel with its tin shingles to a community centerTodd Chapel near Boone illustrates the blending of two designs of old tin shingles
Mountain church in Franklin decided to save the shingles instead of incurring costly structural changes

The owners requested a metallic silver coating for their stamped tin shingles Clayton,SC, home with silver finish to old shingles

Previous paint left a flaking surface to apply the coating material Elm City,NC, roof with messy surface debris…looks good now

A tin shingle copy of terracotta roofing. Black Mountain with custom color on unique design

Gatesville,NC, with unusual corrosion-rare event that can destroy roofA grey tinted country home with a medium grey tint

Previous paint left a flaking surface to apply the coating material Fully reinforced project on traditional crimped panels