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Embossed tin shingles: saving antique roofs
Embossed tin shingle roofing from the past can be saved

-----About us: contractor restoring tin shingle roofing
-----My crew and I work the mid-Atlantic area saving old metal roofs

States and their projects

Location of projects in states
Locations by state of old metal roof restoration projects


Virginia old metal roofing projects
Virginia: classic vintage metal roofs tinted in grey, green, black, red

-----Traditional gray metal shingle project in southern Virginia
-----New owners save a stately mansion in traditonal style.

-----Brick home with red shingle roof
-----Red embossed shingle roof with brick siding in Virginia

-----Appomattox green roof: one of two remaining tin shingle roofs in town
-----An old metal roof in a Civil War town shows some age

-----Virginia church with embossed tin shingles...and rust
-----How to repair church with rusting new metal shingles

-----Patina shingle roof: In Herndon-old and new
-----How to combine old and new shingles on roof sections

-----Green tin shingle roof in Virginia
-----Green tin shingle project in the Virginia countryside

Washington DC

Washington DC old metal roofing projects
Washington DC: capitol vintage metal roofs for both Republicans and Democrats.

-----Stamped shingle project: A traditional example in Washington DC
-----Traditional grey embossed tin shingle roof in Washington DC

-----Washington,DC, metal shingle roof: a single coat application
-----How to perform a Washington DC historical district project that included a new addition.

-----Stamped shingle restored: basic steps
-----Stamped shingle roof restored over a Civil War general's residence

New Jersey

New Jersey old metal roofing projects
New Jersey: churches, haunted houses and restaurants--old metal roofs are everywhere.

-----Silver shingles: New Jersey rusty shingles receive facelift
-----Rusty shingles changed to silver toned on New Jersey home


Maryland old metal roofing projects
Maryland: land of vintage metal roofs and our heroes of War of 1812

-----Church shingles: Maryland silver roof
-----A wedding, a funeral and truck problems resulted in flaking of church roof coating.

-----Red shingles: Was green shingles until 2013
-----With red shingles, owner made a statement on her road

-----Maryland stamped shingle roof: rust case study
-----What to do on a stamped shingle project when rust unexpectedly appears


Pennsylvania old metal roofing projects
Pennsylvania: keystone state's vintage metal roofs, each with its own history.

-----Bronze embossed roof in Pennsylvania: large shingles
-----Along the National Road, large size embossed tin shingles in Addison


Carolinas old metal roofing projects
Carolinas: home for beautiful vintage metal roofs with the antique embossed designs on tin shingles.

-----Repair tin shingle roof: early 1870s style
-----Repair of tin shingle roof: 1870s antique tin shingle design discovered on South Carolina homestead

-----Red shingle roof: Carolina embossed gem
-----Red shingle roof in Kings Mountain, NC, exhibits details of embossed roofing era

-----Durham, NC, shingle roof: a community winner
-----In Durham, NC, the owner who renovated this project received community recognition

-----Terracotta shingle roof: a break with the past
-----Terracotta color on a regional design embossed tin shingle roof upsets the grandchildren

-----Antique shingles: South Carolina mansion near Smyrna, SC
-----Antique shingles in traditional grey in early design style grace this South Carolina mansion

-----Shingle design: 30 year neighbors
-----Neighboring homes illustrating early and height of embossed tin shingle structures

Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore: old metal roofs
Eastern Shore: vintage metal roofs varied in style and location on the Delmarva peninsula

Other regions

Old metal roofing projects
Old metal roofs survive in many places, each with a caring owner.

-----Black Victorian shingles: a real beauty
-----Black Victorian shingled home is the icon of this Tennessee county

-----Black Victorian shingles: a photographic winner
-----Photographs of a black embossed tin shingle mansion

-----Blue metal shingle: a three year project
-----Blue metal shingle project or 10 days in Buckhannon, WV, that I will never get back

-----Asphalt covered shingles: Lower New York state green roof
-----How to save: asphalt covered embossed tin shingle roof

Colors and Gallery

Colors for antique metal shingles
Eight most popular colors for antique metal shingles restoration

Embossed tin shingle photo gallery
Photo gallery of embossed tin shingles in Md-Atlantic area

Articles of interest

Embossed tin shingle articles of interest
tin shingle information for owners of vintage homes

-----Frequently asked questions
-----Figuring the price for tin shingle restoration; deciding which coating to use; locating a good contractor

-----Metal shingle designs
-----Designs of embossed tin shingles in mid-Atlantic area

-----Metal roofing shingles: Where to buy
-----Where can you buy traditional metal roofing shingles

-----Tin shingle porch leaking: What to do?
-----Repair of leaking, damaged tin shingle roof over porches

-----Witch hats and other accessories
-----Witch hat and other decorative accessories on old metal roofs

-----New tin shingle porch roof: an owner's comments
-----Home owner comments on installation of Berridge shingles over porch roof

-----Metal shingles: Mixing old and new
-----Using old and new shingles on the same project is possible

-----Front porch tin shingles
-----Front porch tin shingle roof alternatives

Are you looking for a tin roof contractor?

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