Church shingles: wedding, funeral and truck caused roof to flak



Mt. Harmony Methodist ChurchIn Maryland, the church committee requested that we coat their existing embossed tin shingle roof with a silver finish. They planned to add a front section with the new "old Victorian" shingles from Berridge Company.
We were pleased to perform the project.

About six months later I received a call that flaking was happening. And indeed, as the first photo below illustrates, flaking was a general condition over the embossed tin shingles.

The manufacturer investigated and tested the products, finding primer and coating tested satisfactory. I had watched the crew, from under a nearby tree due to the hot July temperatures. Plus the church's last minute request for extra silver additives tested equally satisfactory. In brief, the church roof could not possibly be flaking.

Four of us met for a breakfast conference. To condense the story, the hot July temperatures hastened the curing of the primer, causing a slight chalking earlier than expected. The silver additives to the coating reduce the adhesion to the low end of the testing parameters, but still inside the requirements.

My crew met several delays to completing the work due to a wedding, an unexpected funeral and a truck that decided to park itself on the trip to the site. The combination of our delays, hot temperatures and reformulated coating represented a "perfect storm." The chance for a repeat of those conditions is practically zero.

With the manufacturer's support, we recoated the project using a different combination of products.

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