Terracotta shingle roof: "Grandma, how could you!!



Terracotta tinted shingle roofIn western North Carolina, an owner who lived in her home

for decades wanted to preserve her embossed tin shingle roof. Although she was not aware of it, the design of her shingle roof was a rare one found only in the North Carolina mountain areas and southwest Virginia.

Her interior possessed gorgeous carpentry work, a memory that stays with me. Obviously the lady knew style and color.

Her family remember her place with a red roof, and expected the same. Elizabeth just felt terracotta tint would sit more attractively on her home. Until I studied her bricks, I did not have an opinion. If you look at the photos below that show the foundation, the bricks are more terracotta than red.

She said later her family expressed dismay at her choice. "Tough," I thought, "the house is hers and her tastes are first class."

Below is a good photo of edging work that some roofing aesthetics require

Coating was aging Old and new roofing did not match Example of a standing seam or panel roofing used with embossed tin shingles Upper roors Closeup of work to be done View of upper roofs Front showing match to bricks Chimney blends in with this coating Edging work locks down rough edges Front view of terracotta roof in Columbus, NC Coated shingles with terracotta acrylic

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