Durham, NC, shingle roof: a community winner


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Community winner in Durham, NC

Read the 2010 project summary below, then jump down further for the 2017 follow up, illustrating an advance in application techniques

In 2010, Denise offered us the opportunity to save the embossed tin shingle roof on Vale St. As a result, Denise saved another historical site, crowned with the rare Victorian design tin shingles from Cortright Mgf Company

In North Carolina, "Preservation Durham’s mission is to protect Durham’s historic assets through Action, Advocacy, and Education." This organization recognizes those individuals that save Durham's history for future generations.

The Neighborhood Conservation Award was instituted in 2002 to honor projects that contribute to the historic fabric and renaissance of Durham neighborhoods.

Denise Harrison will be honored on Oct 18th with an award for her efforts to preserve three vintage homes (1814 Vale Street, 1909 Carden Lane, 1907 Carden Lane)

Congratulations, Denise.

There are few contractors who could handle a restoration project of a Cortright roof; we are one of them.

The work required extensive repairs around the edge, a fully reinforced area due to holes caused by previous painters, window washers and children.

Finally the original inside gutter had been "hacked" off. We provided a solid surface for modern half-round gutters to be attached to Denise's tin shingle roof.

View of a worn edging that requires extra work by the Roof Menders' crew Peaked area lip, rarely a problem Most worn roofing area, the connection to the kitchen fro the main house area
Main roof area indicating a solid surface Closeup of damage edge that will require a repair Closeup of Durham shingle roof repair work

Update 2017: Durham's Vale St project

After 7 years, Denise and I discussed her options as related to her financial and decor plans. She decided to add five more years to her 2010 traditional red application PLUS improve the appearance by authorizing the application of a modern clearcoat.

This recent improvement in this particular clearcoat formula causes these 100 plus old embossed tin shingles with the Victorian design to "pop", unlike the muted appearance of the acrylics.

Below are photos illustrating the 7 year old acrylic treatment we applied in 2010; next photo shows the clearcoat application on the 2010 aging traditional red acrylic.

2010 acrylic application 2010 acrylic application with clearcoat
Before and After of 2017 finish of roof View of 2017 work that accents the shingles In progress wave from Jeff

Are you looking for a tin roof contractor?

If you are seeking an experienced company to offer an estimate for the purpose of preserving your existing roof, please contact us. You would discover alternatives available, each with pros and cons. If you request a quote, any restoration work would be performed by my crew.