Bronze embossed shingle residence along the National Road



Addison PA residenceCrossing the southwest corner of Pennsylvania for 90 miles, the Historic National Road Corridor is the site of arguably the most important revolutionary events in U.S. history.
As the birthplace of the French & Indian War; the Whiskey Rebellion, the site where the U.S. Constitution faced its first challenge-- the National Road is America’s road to the past.**

An ambitious lady purchased this structure in the town of Addison, site of one of the remaining toll booths connected with the National Road.
Her roof consisted of the large size embossed tin shingles with one of the signature designs of that period.

My crew chief Lester nd I planned to meet in Addison. Around noon time he called to tell me he was in Addison, but was encountering difficulty finding the place.
Impossible, I thought. Addison, PA, only had one main road with a few hundred residents. But then...

Lester was in Addison, Ohio!

An excellent candidate for restoration

View of large size embossed tin shingles Closeup view of damaged corner of roof Usable hatch for access to the roof Shingles are rusty but lie flat on the decking Valley of roof with a few repairable holes

Priming the shingles

Primer applied to retard rust Closer look at the grey primer Damaged corner repaired and primed

Chimney work

Chimney man's access meant numerous holes We repaired the chimney man's steps to roof ridge Damage repaired and everyone happy

Roof done

Closeup of our work around the base of the chimney with a copper flashing and additional work Design of shingles improved with bronze coating Shingles coated with bronze acrylic from Preservation Products View of the back roof finished with bronze acrylic Close of formerly damaged corner

National Road

National Road in southwest Pennsylvania

**Borrowed heavily from the website Historic National Road

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