Stately vintage metal roofs



Roof Menders traveled to West Virginia, New York, Tennessee and Georgia for these old metal roofsThe old metal roof projects on this page are located outside our usual work area. Each is a special story.

The first Williamsburg blue project took place in West Virginia--my first and probably last project in this picturesque state: first, state requirements for working there can only be called ridiculous. And second, the owners of this project were frat alumni, a unique, maddening group of customers.

Second old metal roof photo illustrates a project that addresses two situations: first, what to do when hot asphalt is poured over a roof. Plus, what to do when the owner loses her job the day after the crew starts working.

The black roof in Jonesborough, TN, is an icon of a state insurance company. Descendents of the original family have restored the well-known landmark to its original beauty. Plus, the stories one hears of bygone days, such as a smell disclosing hidden eggs, forgotten after a busy Saturday afternoon playing in the fields--and what papa did to remind the boys to remember!

Embossed tin shingle projects

Williamsburg blue roof Green roof in New York state BlackVictorian shingle roof in Tennessee Augusta mansion

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